Revision Foot & Ankle Surgery in Frisco, TX

Greater than 40% of adults experience foot pain at some point in their life. More than 100,000 foot and ankle surgeries are performed every year. While the vast majority of these procedures are successful, a complication after foot and ankle surgery can be life changing.

If you have had previous foot/ankle surgery and are experiencing pain, you have options. Making an appointment with an experienced foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon is the first step in identifying the cause of your persistent pain and getting it addressed.


A thorough evaluation including a detailed history, physical examination, and weight bearing x-rays are the first step in identifying the cause of pain after previous foot/ankle surgery. Often times, advanced imaging is needed such as an MRI, or CT scan.


Treatment options vary widely in addressing persistent pain after a previous foot/ankle surgery. Many times, non-surgical options are attempted before a surgical intervention is recommended.

If there is continued pain despite non-surgical management, a revision surgery may be required to address the pain. Surgical treatment options vary widely. These are difficult problems and you and your surgeon must have a thorough discussion about the treatment and expected outcomes.